Thursday, 29 March 2012


No one can deny the efforts made by Quaid to create our motherland, however, some believe it does not matter today that we are Pakistani and not Indians. 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

It's about Pakistan: 23 Mar

It's about Pakistan: 23 Mar: Congratulations to all on 72nd celbrations of Pakistan day. This day marks a historical day in the history of sub-continent, when dream of ...

23 Mar

Congratulations to all on 72nd celbrations of Pakistan day. This day marks a historical day in the history of sub-continent, when dream of Allama Iqbal was fulfilled by the Muslim leaders in the shape of Pakistan resolution. It is important for us to remember the signifacance of this day and eliminate the feelings of ethnicism; only then we can build a better and prosperous Pakistan.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

It's about Pakistan: Baclohistan Crisis

It's about Pakistan: Baclohistan Crisis: A province covering about 44 % of land mass of country, rich in fossil fuel and all sorts of minerals incl gold and copper, is unfortunatel...

Baclohistan Crisis

A province covering about 44 % of land mass of country, rich in fossil fuel and all sorts of minerals incl gold and copper, is unfortunately the least developed in the country. It is last in education, human resource development, infrastructure, justice, economic development, communication network, civic facilities and road links.  In spite of the fact that natural gas is being extracted from the province since last 50 years, however, it is not available to the people of this province; within a radius of 100 kms. Whatsoever are the reasons for all these injustices, we as a nation are responsible for it. The federation is responsible for addressing the grievances of all the federating entities, and they can't shed away the blame and pass it on to provincial leaders.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Balochistan Crisis

With respect to the largest province of the country, we are keeping ourselves completely aloof. Neither at government nor at individual level, there is any feel of responsibility to resolve the ever increasing crisis. Federal government feels accomplished by allotting a meagre amount of fund for the province, which ultimately lands into the hands of corrupt provincial leaders. Commoners are becoming increasingly frustrated day by day at this hopeless attitude. Especially the youth of the province is completely dissatisfied with the arrangement. there are no jobs or any economic opportunity for them because of the prevalent law and order situation.
There is a need that we should take stock of this bleak situation and rise to the occasion to fulfil our national obligation, otherwise we should not be worried later, on emergence of a new country at the coast of Arabian sea.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

This is true that we as a nation are not folllowing the  principles of Islam. Similarly we are not following any other civilised code of conduct also. Which means we are away from religion as well as civilised code of living. This has resulted in the prevelant chaos in the country.
23 Mar 2012 is about to arrive. 72 years have passed after passage of this historical resoulation.This day marks the approval of two nation theory by the Muslims of sub-continent. On the basis of same theory Pakistan came into being, however, subsequent disintegration of Bengal and voices of independence form various parts of the country, has put to test "the two nation theory". Is this theory still holds good today; is a question mark. Demand for provinces on the basis of ethnic affiliations and not of administrative one is case in point. Balochis are demanding their rights" Independence". Why all this is happening? Is the materialism has surpassed our religious affiliation?


What change? Is there a requirement of change in the country? If yes; in what all fields? Leadership, governance, Law and order, Religious tolerance, ideological security, economic threats, cultural threats, moral issues, human rights and others are some of the concerns in point.
Is there any model, which we can follow? USA, UK, Germany or China? Are these soceities perfect in all of these fields? I think; no. We don't need any  colossla change. Do we?

Friday, 16 March 2012


What are the indicators, which are showing that there is a requirement of change in the country? Is there any change in the mindset of people residing in the rural constituencies, which are the bulk of our population? I suppose; no. There will be the same waderas, choudrays, sardars, nawabs, maliks and what else and what not. In the rural areas, votes will be casted in the names of biradris and families, without taking into account the agenda of any contestant. Therefore, it is living in fools paradise to expect a change in the country in the coming years.  


Nowadays, a lot is being talked about "the change" in the country. We are not clear as what will be future of the country? who will be ruler for next five years? when  is the current: economic, political, governance, terrorism and other issues are going to be settled?
Is situation going to change  or status-quo will be maintained?

Thursday, 15 March 2012


It's about Pakistan: Pakistan: I suppose there is a definite requirement of change in the political landscape of the country. We need to get rid of all this corrupt, selfi...


I suppose there is a definite requirement of change in the political landscape of the country. We need to get rid of all this corrupt, selfish and ruthless so called leadership. Question is that what is the replacement? The only hope visible is Tsunami. But its future, credibility, ability to handle the worsened situation of the country is doubtful.
What is the best alternative leadership we have for next round ? Atleast i don't want to give a third chance to any of the two main opponents. Time will tell about future.
i would also like to share this link. please comment on it also
Ideology of Pakistan, Speech By Orya Maqbool Jan

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Dear friends: After taking a nice start from our previous discussion topic, now we are moving to a subject which is very close to our hearts."The Pakistan". Although our country deserves more than just discussion, we will endeavour to impliment the good things out of this all.
Forum will be open to share and discuss anything about  Pakistan: ideas, facts, prolems, solutions, opportunities and any other thing worth mentioning.
Suggestions and recommendations about the managment of this forum are also welcomed.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Friday, 9 March 2012

I think this concept is as simple as stated earlier. We are happy and glooomy as per the same criterion. If we see critically, life is a combiantion of day to day happennings; good or bad.  So we can build a bigger picture out of this all.
Tofeeq: we dont have any such thing(thremostat) to monitor the threshold, however, we can practice to set these limits for ourselves. For example, one person laughs his heart out on a petty small joke while another person doesn't bother to smile even; now these are the thresholds. same is applicable to gloomines also.
Life is a combination of good and bad times. At times we are happy and at another point we are not as happy. This is because we affiliate certian things as our landmarks for happiness and sadness. If that landmark is reached by a stroke of gud or bad luck, we go in a state of happiness/ sadness. I suggest that we should set these landmarks/ threshholds as per nature of our personality. For happiness our threshold should be minimum and for sadness it should be maximum.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

 Hi. friends nice to see your wonderful comments about life. For me it is really encouraging that we understand the LIFE so well. However what irritates me the most is that; inspite of understanding this phenominon we commit the same mistakes and don't enjoy the essense of life. In my opinion we as human beings do not apply the true concept of life on ourself, as a result we suffer from the discomforts of life as discussed earlier by friends.

Monday, 5 March 2012


Hello friends:
this blog is meant to discuss and enjoy life: so it will be full of life and enjoyment
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