Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Baclohistan Crisis

A province covering about 44 % of land mass of country, rich in fossil fuel and all sorts of minerals incl gold and copper, is unfortunately the least developed in the country. It is last in education, human resource development, infrastructure, justice, economic development, communication network, civic facilities and road links.  In spite of the fact that natural gas is being extracted from the province since last 50 years, however, it is not available to the people of this province; within a radius of 100 kms. Whatsoever are the reasons for all these injustices, we as a nation are responsible for it. The federation is responsible for addressing the grievances of all the federating entities, and they can't shed away the blame and pass it on to provincial leaders.

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  1. the people of this province now demanding a seperate country just because of all these injustices.but it is not the salution of this problim.the governament should realise about their basic requirements and should do something for them.the people of Baluchistan deserve the same fasilities as other.otherwise our beautiful country wil be divided again in parts.govt should do somthing to unite our pakistan in one unit and to control on all these differences.we have to safe Baluchistan,we have to safe Pakistan.