Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Dear friends: After taking a nice start from our previous discussion topic, now we are moving to a subject which is very close to our hearts."The Pakistan". Although our country deserves more than just discussion, we will endeavour to impliment the good things out of this all.
Forum will be open to share and discuss anything about  Pakistan: ideas, facts, prolems, solutions, opportunities and any other thing worth mentioning.
Suggestions and recommendations about the managment of this forum are also welcomed.

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  1. Another interesting topic ,,,,,, let's give it a go by talking abt those who r blowing the trumpet of bringing so called revolution through social networks nd through musical concerts, completely misleading the youth this time ,, with no proper agenda on ground,,,,, the shattered hopes of the demoralized and disappointed youth is the outcome that we are going to witness once the nation recovers from this tsunami.....