Saturday, 17 March 2012


What change? Is there a requirement of change in the country? If yes; in what all fields? Leadership, governance, Law and order, Religious tolerance, ideological security, economic threats, cultural threats, moral issues, human rights and others are some of the concerns in point.
Is there any model, which we can follow? USA, UK, Germany or China? Are these soceities perfect in all of these fields? I think; no. We don't need any  colossla change. Do we?

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  1. change is necessary for everyone to lead a successful life.similarly it is the requirment for the country's the situation of pakistan as we are going towards the decline,the change is necessary for us.but first of all we need to change ourselves.we need to follow the rules,to be honest,hardworking and positive.but it wil take time to bring change in our country.with patience tolerence and positive attitude we can bring change in our country