Saturday, 17 March 2012

23 Mar 2012 is about to arrive. 72 years have passed after passage of this historical resoulation.This day marks the approval of two nation theory by the Muslims of sub-continent. On the basis of same theory Pakistan came into being, however, subsequent disintegration of Bengal and voices of independence form various parts of the country, has put to test "the two nation theory". Is this theory still holds good today; is a question mark. Demand for provinces on the basis of ethnic affiliations and not of administrative one is case in point. Balochis are demanding their rights" Independence". Why all this is happening? Is the materialism has surpassed our religious affiliation?


  1. according to my point of view, all this is happening because there are alot of differences of different classes. the poor is so poor that even he cant get the basic neccesities of life and similarly the rich is very rich.division of wealth is not proper in our country and this is a reason of decline of it is in islam that wealth should be divided in all muslim ummah equally.but nowadays we are not following the basic teaching of islam thats why we are going towards decline.

  2. another reason of decline is that the people who are responsible to run the country are not sincere with their country.or we can say that nobody is sincere with country.we break the rules although we know that it is not good.curruption,bribe dishonesty all these are qualities which are the part of our life and we never try to control on all these firstly we have to take the initiative from ourselves.