Sunday, 2 March 2014

Life of Girls made Easy- Abaya

Black abaya clad Girls is a very common scene nowadays. Ranging from high schools, college and university students to shoppers in busy markets; abaya is ON. What could be the reason for wearing this costume. This is not religious but a host of some factors; To me it is more of a convenience. Surprised! We know well that our women are caught in a quagmire of dress competition. Wearing same dress second time in the presence of same company is considered a taboo. On the contrary western women is now out of this competition at least for work place and jobs. However Eastern women had been very upset at dress marathon for quite sometime, unable to do anything about it.
With the fast acceptance of abaya culture, our women has got some respite.
Now what is abaya? It is a long robe which covers the body from head to toe. Basically a combination of three clothes: an overall to cover body, head cloth to cover hairs and a scarf(We all are familiar with). Abaya can be worn on any clothes and here lies it's significance. You need not to worry what color, quality or combination you have to wear, because it will be covered up. Abaya culture is imported in Pakistan from ME where it is not new and had been centuries old traditional dress for women.
Selection of clothes for daily out goers is not an issue anymore, Ironing is not a problem, Staying abreast with fashion is not required. Thanks to Abaya

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